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Are your feet ready for summer?

It's that time of year we all start looking forward to the warmer weather, and starting to migrate outside from indoors. This year even more so, with the quarantine keeping us inside, we are all starting to get a little stir crazy. Most of us have just been wearing our slippers or socks around the house, but what are you going to wear outside? Of course there is the ever reliable sneaker, but what if you want to wear something a little more stylish, like a sandal? Flip flops are way too thin with no arch support, and are no good if you’re doing a lot of walking. As we are all holding our breath as to whether our upcoming summer plans will pan out or not, take a minute to think; do you have a good walking sandal to get you through the season? Look no further. Here’s a list of some features to look for in a sandal that won’t ruin your feet or your summer:

1. Shock absorption and cushioning (No super thin sandals!)

2. Arch support

3. Made of soft but supportive materials

4. Adjustable straps

Dr. Propato and I are both members of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which has a seal of acceptance/approval program that recognizes products (including shoes) that are beneficial for foot health. For a full list of stylish sandals and brands that have earned their seal of approval, click here:


Have other foot concerns before summer? Please call to make an appointment at 215-491-1963!

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