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Diabetes is a disease that affects multiple areas of the body, including the feet. Foot care should be an important part of every diabetic’s plan for preventing complications of high blood sugar.  Patients with diabetes can develop circulatory problems and peripheral nerve damage. These conditions can lead to wounds that do not heal, resulting in infection and in some cases, the need for amputation.  Diabetic nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) is a leading cause of foot and leg amputation in the United States.


According to The Diabetes Association, all diabetics should have an annual foot exam. Those with peripheral neuropathy or other foot problems should undergo foot exams on a more frequent basis.


Our doctors will evaluate your foot circulation and sensitivity during each exam. You will also be checked for changes to your skin or any wounds on your feet. If you are experiencing discomfort caused by peripheral neuropathy, one of our doctors may be able to prescribe medication to reduce tingling, burning, or pins-and-needles sensations in your feet.

Patient education and prevention are the foundations of our practice. Our team can provide you with helpful tips to reduce the risk of foot complications, such as keeping your feet clean and trimming your toenails straight across. We may also prescribe special shoes to protect your feet from developing sores.

We are committed to making your feet look and feel their very best! 

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