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Toenail fungus and other conditions can damage the toenail and cause it to appear unattractive. While medical treatments are available, they often take months and may never restore the nail to its normal appearance. 

Our doctors have been trained in an innovative technique, Keryflex Nail Restoration System, which improves the appearance of unslightly nails. Similar to bonding a tooth, Keryflex uses a light-cured composite resin to create a durable, yet flexible, artificial nail. 

How is the procedure performed?

Our doctor will first trim and file down the damaged nail. This is performed with a nail clipper and electric file. Once the nail is prepared, the doctor will begin the process of restoring the appearance of the nail by applying a honey-like resin. The material is cured, or hardened with the use of an ultra-violet light.  Your doctor will then mold, shape and smooth the nail. Lastly, a sealant topcoat will be applied followed by a second curing process. 

How long does the procedure take?

In most cases, the procedure can be completed in 30 minutes or less, but this depends on the number of nails needing to be restored. 

Does the procedure hurt?

This procedure is painless and feels very much like getting a pedicure. 

How long must I wait to apply nail polish?

A Keryflex nail is unaffected by nail polish, acetone or detergents. Nail polish may be applied immediately after the completion of the procedure. 

Is Keryflex a cure for fungal nails?

No, Keryflex is a cosmetic procedure designed to immediately improve the appearance of toenails damaged by fungus, defects or trauma. 

We are committed to making your feet look and feel their very best! 

Call us today at 215-491-1963 to schedule an appointment. 

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